Translation Services for International Students

If you’re a student interested in attending a college in another country then there is a good chance you may need some form of translation in order to make your acceptance into that school a reality.Every school – whether it is a university in the United States or another country – has their own specific requirements for the information needed to process an application, admittance or transfer. There is a good chance though that any school you want to attend is going to require translation of your academic documents into the university’s language.This translation is likely to include (but not limited to):Notations showing the completion of secondary courses
Certifications, degrees or diplomas
Academic transcripts
Letters of recommendationFollowing Translation Guidelines for UniversitiesIt’s just one more step to the application process but it is important that you follow the process as closely as you can when it comes to having documents translated. While missing the mark will not necessarily get an application rejected it can significantly slow down or halt the application process.One of the most prominent guidelines set forth by colleges is that you cannot translate the documents and information on your own, or have it done by someone you know who is fluent in both languages. Colleges will require the documents to be handled and certified by a professional translation company.The need for translation services may go beyond getting your foot in the door – it can be used and applied on a number of levels.Academic Translation For Course MaterialOnce you have been accepted and are attending the foreign university, managing the course material can be a bit of a chore as you study in your second language. This is especially true for course content that is very technical in nature.Academic translation can aid in a variety of ways, providing a clear translation of any document, recording or other content pertinent to your education, including:Course material
Relevant articles
Text books
Seminars or conference material
Research papers
And moreIf there are language barriers that could potentially halt or impair the learning process, working with an academic translation service on the most important material can save a great deal of time and hassle.Ensuring Quality Academic TranslationAcademic translation is a different beast, far and above common translation – especially where technical terms come into play. Choosing someone who is fluent in more than one language to handle the translation can lead to a number of problems. In situations where academic translation is necessary, the most benefit will come from working with a professional individual or agency that has a great deal of experience with the academic discipline in question.An added benefit is if those providing the translation services not only have experience with the field you are studying, but actually have an academic background – thus providing you with the greatest opportunity for success.

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