How To Digitize A Sewing Clothing Pattern in 5 Easy Steps

The process to digitize a pattern design into a cad system can be very time consuming and expensive due to the point by point process that needs to be follow in order to complete the digitizing process. Following next are 5 easy steps to expedite and complete the digitizing process in a smooth and simpler manner.1st Step, You need to have a hard copy or tracing of your design on paper. Paper must be flat for accurate piece digitizing and all your tracings should visible and marked with hard lines. Not having visible marks on your pattern pieces will complicate or delay the digitizing process.2nd Step, Mark information as grain lines and description on every piece to be digitized. Whenever possible mark all your lines with a hard marker and specify what fabric it should be cut in if is it a self material or is it a contrast material how will your pattern piece be cut after it has been fully digitized.3rd Step, Provide a pattern card along with fabric description. Make sure you provide a list of all the pieces and label each piece accordingly before they get digitized into a computer digitizing system. Not doing so, will create problems when your digitized patterns goes into production and your pieces are all label incorrectly or simply the cutter will not understand what you are trying to do.4rth Step, Make sure that your pattern or style to be digitized into a cad digitizing system is the correct model, do not mix pieces that do not belong to that particular style, as you will be charged for any extra piece digitized.5th step, Finally and not of least importance, make sure that the pattern you have provided for digitizing has been approved for digitizing and that all corrections or modifications needed have been applied to it. Modifying or correcting your pattern after it has been digitized is not included in any digitizing process as this will normally be a separate service charge to you.In addition, Following this 5 easy steps to digitize any clothing design pattern will simplify the digitizing process and time it takes to digitize. You must accurately mark and provide any pattern piece information needed prior to staring the digitizing process and no correction or modification to your pattern piece will be made after your pattern has been entered into a state of the art digitizing system.

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